A few months ago,  a dream came true!! I was interviewed by the famous J. Ross!! The guys, Touched Down Family, and I were in St. Louis playing for Chanté Moore. After soundcheck, we hear the distinct voice coming from the audience seating. He was invited by  one of the bands opening up for Chanté. I lost it at first when I met him, especially since I remember watching him interview some of my bass heros!! So to be apart of that line up was more than a dream come true!! Watch the interview below!

Lessons Available!!

Hey y'all!


I'm opening slots for bass lessons!! Whatever your bass needs are, I'm your guy! With knowing that everyone's not at the same place, I'll work up a doable lesson plan for each client. Whether you are just starting out, or trying get to the next level, we can work together to come up with a set plan to get you to where you want to be!!


These are a few concepts that I'll be teaching based on where you're at:



Beginner Techniques

  • Getting familiar with the bass
  • Understanding proper finger techniques
  • Reading Music Notation at a beginner level
  • Recognizing the bass in songs
  • Beginner scales and etudes

Intermediate Techniques

  • Strengthening knowledge of the neck
  • Exercises that strengthens finger techniques
  • Advanced Scale and Arpeggio techniques
  • Learning songs in detail
  • Beginner Synthbass Studies
  • Reading Grooves in Musical Notation
  • Performance Techniques

 Advanced Techniques

  • Complex Finger Exercises
  • Learning Difficult Songs in Detail
  • Transcribing Grooves and Solos via Music Notation
  • Writing/Composing Grooves in Musical Notation
  • Advanced Synthbass Studies/Concepts
  • Bass Pedals Concepts


These are subject to change depending on the player of course! Each section, I have different books and playlist's that we'll be going through.


I'm available for in-person lessons or lessons Via Google Hangouts!!!


If this is something you're interested in, there are a number of ways to contact me.



Phone: (404) 387-0614

Social Media: DM's!!


I'm looking forward to working with you!!